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Callin' all metal workers..

Hello all out there, whoever you may be! I'm hoping that you guys/gals may be able to help me out again. (and I cant thank you enough for that too)

Recently I lost my beloved necklace and am quite heartbroken about this. Normally I'd just go back and buy a new one. But to my horror, the kiosk in Portage Place that sold that unusual jewelery is gone. Ker-poof! In it's place stands Metalworks. :/  Since I seriously doubt I'll be able to track down that kiosk, I've decided I'll do one of two things.  Learn how to work with some metal or find a kind soul who would be able to make such a pendant.

Here's where you guys come in! Could any of you refer me to a  place where I could learn to work with metal/make jewelery, and I don't mean very difficult working either, I just need to make a simple star-like shape. Or would any of you who have knowledge of making jewelery be willing to help me? I'm of course willing to pay for time and materials.

Thank you for your time folks. <3
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Gale's Wholesale - Buyer Beware!

I am not a happy person right now.  I just got of the phone with the unidentified manager of Gale's Wholesale of Regina, SK.  

There's is a Gale's location in Winnipeg too and this is how I got to know about Gale's, seeing as Winnipeg is my hometown.  

I've shopped this craft goods wholesaler in the past finding just the right kind of silky black cord for my ceramic necklaces.  I ran out of said silky cord a few weeks ago, so needed to order more.  Gale's Wholesale will sell products to you at wholesale prices if you have a business, which of course I do.  According to Gale's Wholesale website, in order to qualify I had to spend a minimum of $50.  That meant I had to buy more than 2 spools of black cord because the wholesale price was $23.75 per unit.  I honestly did not need, nor could I afford, 3 spools, so I decided on 2 spools of black cord and 10 yards of black leather cord at $8.70 for a total of $56.20.  When it came time to check out, I realized that Gale's Wholesale does NOT have a secure server, so I called in my order.  The woman who took my order couldn't tell me what the shipping charges would be for my order, but that I would get an invoice in my package.  

I got my package last week.  There was no invoice.  I knew I would have to call them to get an invoice sent out since I need it for my books, and I still had absolutely no idea what charges were put on my card.  Yesterday I went online to my credit card account to see if that purchase had been posted, and it had.  Gale's Wholesale charged me $96.00 for a $56.00 purchase!!

Now calling became a priority.  They obviously had charged the retail price instead of the wholesale price. I double checked the prices again on their website and indeed the wholesale price was $23.75.  I called Gale's Wholesale while staring at the computer screen, at the price of the cord that was $23.75 and said, "I'm looking at the screen right now and it says $23.75."  The woman to whom I was speaking did not identify herself, but did say she didn't have a computer in front of her and that the entire mail order staff was out. 

Again, I said, "You've charged me the wrong price."  She put me on hold for over 5 minutes to find my invoice.  Once she had it, she insisted they had not made an error and read my invoice out to me.  I didn't want to go around in circles with her so politely asked her for the manager's name and when I could reach the manager.  She name her name was Brenda Heron and to call in the morning.  

I  hung up.  It was about 4:30 and still time before dinner to work in the garden, so I went outside and transplanted my Lungwort and Lillies and was just finishing up when JF drove into the yard.  We came into the house and the message machine was beeping.  I got a call while outside.  It was the same woman to whom I'd spoken earlier who read out my invoice charges again to me and assured me that they had indeed charged me the correct price for each spool of black cord - $34.00.  This was not a lot of help.  I would have to call Brenda in the morning.

I spoke to Brenda just now and Brenda heard my whole story and then offers that it's possible that the price had gone up.  Indeed it did!  It went up exactly $10.25 a spool on their website just yesterday afternoon!  Yes, they got my call, scurried over to the computer and changed the price to match their over-the-phone quote.  

While I don't doubt prices have risen, I do doubt they have risen $11 since 2002 when I bought my first spool ot black cord.  If the price hike is any indication of the true valuable of the product then I am buying stock in silky black cord tomorrow!  How could I go wrong with that investment?

Anyway, it's now obvious to me that Brenda doesn't know what else to tell me so she says, "You'll have to speak to the manager."  The manager?  I thought you were the manager, Brenda!  She passes the phone to me and guess who?  The same woman with whom I'd spoken yesterday who claimed the Brenda was the manager!!  I asked her name and she wouldn't give it.  All she said was, "I spoke with you yesterday."  

"Yes, " I thought, "Yesterday the manager was Brenda and today it's you?"  

She launched into reading the invoice again and I interrupted her to remind her that I was looking at the web page while I was speaking with her yesterday and I did not imagine, nor make up the price to suit me.  I was reading it off of the web page!   I also suggested that they had changed the web price after she and I spoke yesterday afternoon because when I checked the website again last night it had been changed!  She actually LIED to me and said that no one had changed it.  She said that the price on the web page was $34 when she and I spoke yesterday afternoon.  Then she very confidently challenged me to "prove it." 

I am not insane.  I know what I saw and I saw that the price was $23.75 per unit.  I was so angry I called her a liar.  She said, "I'm not accussing YOU of being a liar," in a way that suggested that if she wasn't accsuing me then I should refrain from accusing her.  

I asked for a refund of $22 on my card and she said no, I could send it all back but there would be no partial refund for the price difference.  Aaah, she admits there is a price difference!  Isn't that almost as good as admitting that she knew there were two different prices!?  I once again asked her to make the refund adding that if a refund was not forthcoming, the information about this would become public.  She told me that wasn't very nice.  I couldn't believe she actually said it wouldn't be very nice of me to blog this.  

So this is a warning to all of you artists and crafters out there who are thinking about shopping at Gale's Wholesale.  Beware!
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A question..

Despite having lived in one area for the past 8 years and going to the same art store for atleast 6 years, I never leard it's name, address, OR phone number. Now, imagine my suprise when I walked around and around looking for it, only to be told by a passer-by as I stared up in shock at the now empty build that it's moved. 

So, I've come to you guys/gals in the vain hope that you might know what I'm talking about. I tried to get by asking a couple people I know for the art supply stores they use, but I really liked the things I got from that store.  It only moved semi recently, before it was located within a couple blocks from the Bay, on one of those weird semi-side streets. It had big glass windows and used the lower floor of a two floor bulding. Would any of you know where it's moved to, what it's called, or the phone number it has?  
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Anyone need an album cover?

Well, here's hoping this is allowed. Sorry if it isn't.

It's recently become apparent to me that im basically completly incapable of attaining a real job, and It is getting to cold togo busking so I have been forced to form another game plan.
I'm 17 and am in dire need of some source of cash flow.
I am a young artist and I'm looking to be challeneged in an area I've always excelled.

Basically, if any bands out there are willing to give me a shot, I am interested in desiging album covers, show posters, logos, merch designs etc for a small fee.
By small fee I mean I really have no idea what would be fair. Hell I would be happy with an extra ten bucks in my pocket in time for the weekend.
I have a deviantart account but being that it is full of photography it doesnt really do justice to my skills in traditional art.
I'm good at conceptual art, transgressive, tattoo designs and cartoon-like characters. Every now and then I can pull something really abstract and surreal out of my ass.

So, I guess comment if you interested with your email and we'll talk.

Once agian, sorry if this isnt allowed. I'll only post this this one time so if it gets deleted then I'll know.

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Hi everyone!
I was wondering if anyone here makes or sells dread falls? I'm interested in starting some and was wondering if anyone has experience making them?? Or would potentially buy if anyone is looking to sell some...?

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It's been a while since I got a piece photographed before shipping it. Last night I got a couple of pics of this one, so I am posting them.

The stones are Brazilian amethyst, with the central stone being 10 x 14mm. For a faceted stone in a ring, that's unusually large. But then the customer is just the gurl to wear a ring like this with style.

The design itself is fairly simple, but I have been experimenting with fancy commercial prong settings. These settings cost a small fortune, but look great with the right band. This is fairly indicative of what my simpler work looks like of late. I even got my hallmark in the photos.